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Manifesting splendor through femininity, vigor, and wellness by curating an experience through our artistry.



Amiras Beauty room Salon
Lash & Lacquer

Looking for the Ultimate Pampering Session?

lash and lacquer
lash and lacquer

We are excited to introduce a convenient but luxurious beauty service that will transform your self-care routine! We are now offering simultaneous eyelash and nail treatments, Lash & Lacquer, saving you time without compromising on quality. 

Amiras Beauty room salon

Mt e Tm

amira komthongpane

{ aster ļash & wax artis }

  • licensed esthetician of 10+ years

  • 4x lash training certified & counting

  • lover of psycho thriller novels

  • foodie connoisseur

  • brought Amira's Beauty Room to life in November of 2016



master lash & wax artist


{ așter ňail artis }

  • mother of two (Leah & Benji)

anita mai
  • licensed nail educator since 2018

  • licensed nail technician of 12+ years

  • bubble tea fanatic

  • obsessed with bugs as a kid- terrified as an adult

master nail artist

Meet the Team
Service Menu

Srvice Meu



Select Lash&Lacquer on select services to book your simultaneous service today!

Offering wax, nail and lash services in Charlotte-

For our full list of services please click "book here" below <3

Lash Sevices

full sets require a $50 nonrefundable deposit to book

classic lashes

Not your average classic lashes- ABR signature classic styling is an upgrade on conventional classic lashes. Considered the most "natural" of lash styles. Though density is limited- length and curl can be adjusted to your preference with the health of your lashes in mind.


hybrid lashes

A harmonious mix of classic and volume method. Ideal to create "wispy" sets or to give lashes a bit more density. Length and curl can be adjusted to your preference with the health of your lashes in mind.


volume lashes

Method in which lash fans are handmade to create a number of density possibilities making volume lashes the most versatile type of set with the health of natural lashes in mind. Length and curl can be adjusted as well.


Amiras Beauty room Branding 2023-106.jpg
Amiras Beauty room Branding



Your appointment time is reserved exclusively for you so trying to fill that spot in a short notice can be difficult. If you are not receiving appointment reminders, please notify us.


If you need to cancel or reschedule we ask for at least a 24 hour notice prior to our scheduled time. There is a 50% fee of services booked if done so within 24 hours.


If you are expecting to be running more than 5 minutes late, please notify us immediately. We can not guarantee the full amount of time booked or adjust the price due to tardiness.


No-shows will be charged the total amount of the service(s) booked. 

We will no longer be able to be of service to you after 2 no shows.


Please refrain from bringing guest not receiving a service. 


Yes, we understand things happen! Very few situations can be handled case by case, such as, injury or illness etc. All policies are in place out of respect for our artists and clients. All fees must be paid for first in order to schedule again.

An invoice will be sent for fees and deposits.

We value your time so we ask for the same respect.


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