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Manifesting splendor through femininity, vigor, and wellness by curating an experience through our artistry.



All full sets require a $50 non-refundable deposit upon booking.

An invoice will be sent via email for deposits.

Please contact for waxing services not listed.

$10+ surcharge may be added for male waxing

EyeLash extensions

 { fills must be booked within 4 weeks from last service } 

Classic Full Set 190 (2hr15min)

Standard Fill 75 (75min)

Extended Fill 100 (1hr45min)

Hybrid Full Set 225 (2hr45mins)

Hyb. Standard Fill 85 (90mins)

Hyb. Extended Fill 115 (2hrs)

Volume Full Set 250 (3hrs)

 Vol. Standard Fill 95 (1h 45min)

Vol. Extended Fill 130 (2hr 15min)


Colored Lashes (blue, purple, pink, red) Starting at $10+ 

body waxing

Underarm 18

Bikini Line 38

Bikini 45

Brazilian 52

Full Leg 75

Upper Leg 45

Lower Leg 40

Full Arm 45

Half Arm 32

Full Back 65

Half Back 40

Stomach 35

facial waxing

Eyebrow 20

Chin 13

Lip (upper+lower) 12

Cheek 15

Sideburn 14

Neck 20

Nose 12

Ear 15

Appointment only
To book, please text @ 704.488.4761

Since all lash artist skill vary, we do not accept new client fills. To ensure you are receiving the best outcome from your service, all new clients must book for a full set and complimentary lash removal if needed.


a little about me.


Hi, my name is Amira! I'm a licensed esthetician specializing in eyelash extensions and facial & body waxing for 9 years and counting. I've always believed in perfecting your craft and loving it too. I am not a "quick fix artist," simply meaning, I'm all about quality over quantity. Educating my clients about the services they invest in while providing the utmost experience is my main objective. Helping individuals feel like the best version of themselves gives my artistry a higher purpose.



What are eyelash extensions?

How do I care for my eyelash extensions?

Do's & don'ts before & after a wax?

Eyelash extensions are faux mink, single strand lashes that are professionally applied to enhance the overall length, thickness and curl of your lashes and are completely customizable so the possibilities are endless! 

Classic Eyelash Extensions: This method uses a singular false lash placed on one natural lash with a 1:1 ratio.

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions: A mix of classic and volume. The amount of each is determined by your desired look.

Volume Eyelash Extensions: This technique requires much more skill. These lashes are smaller in diameter so 3+ lashes can be applied to a natural lash creating a customized amount of density


-NO oil-based products near lash line.

-Avoid tugging, pulling or picking your lashes.

-DO NOT use mascara, lash curler, waterproof eyeliner or gel liner.

-Be cautious of strong heat, such as, flame from a lighter or heat from an oven.

-Brush lashes from the top while eyes are closed.

-Only brush when lashes are dry to the touch.

-Cleanse your lashes regularly, at least once a day after makeup removal.

-Cleanse with your finger or a small eye brush.

-Pat dry lashes or blow dry on cool.

-Fills are recommended every 2-3 weeks to keep your lashes looking luscious!

If you are using medications such as, Accutane, Retin A, Retinol, etc., we can NOT perform any sort of waxing for some period of time. 

For Accutane users, a client must be off of medication for a year.

For all other medications listed above, a client must be off for 3 months.

Body hair must be at least a quarter inch in order to wax.

Self tanning must be done 48 hours prior or after waxing. Take it easy for at least 24 hours after a wax. You should avoid any abrasive activities such as, exercise, using a hot tub, sun bathing or swimming. The client should wait at least a week before or after an exfoliating treatment. For example, microdermabrasion or chemical peel.


Your appointment time is reserved for you and only you so trying to fill that spot in such short notice can be difficult. If you are not receiving appointment reminders, please notify us.


If you need to cancel or reschedule we ask for at least a 24 hour notice prior to our scheduled time. There is a 50% fee of services booked if done so within 24 hours.


If you are expecting to be running more than 5 minutes late, please notify us immediately. We can not guarantee the full amount of time booked or adjust the price due to tardiness.


No-shows will be charged the total amount of the service(s) booked. 

We will no longer be able to be of service to you after 2 no shows.


Please refrain from bringing guest not receiving a service. 


Yes, we understand things happen! Very few situations can be handled case by case, such as, injury or illness etc. All policies are in place out of respect for our artists and clients. All fees must be paid for first in order to schedule again. An invoice will be sent for fees and deposits.

We value your time so we ask for the same respect.


216 N. McDowell St. Unit 204

Charlotte, NC 28204

Tel: 704-488-4761


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